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Nations athletes win Most Valuable Player titles in ISSL Season II

Four of the Most Valuable Players from ISSL Season II are #ProudToBeNations!

Check out their testimonials!

Beatriz Galvão, Grade 10, Girls’ Soccer Team athlete

"For me, the championship was very rewarding! Winning the title of Most Valuable Player was amazing because it reflects my effort and dedication to the school team. In 2021, the Girls’ Soccer Team finished the competition in second place, and I was already on the team at the time. It was unfortunate when we lost in the last few minutes, but when we got the medal, we were thrilled because it was a recognition of our team’s dedication. To win first place and be recognized as MVP was the best of both worlds."

"Winning the championship and the MVP gave me an incentive. It made me want to go even further! I have high expectations for the next ISSL in September. I want to help our team win another title and bring this recognition to our school."

Lucas Lambach, Grade 12, Boys’ Futsal team athlete

"It’s the first time I’ve won the title of Most Valuable Player at ISSL. I was thrilled! Winning this and first place in the championship was exceptional. While waiting for the announcement at the awards ceremony, everyone was still trying to guess who it could be. I was so surprised when they called me! I am sure many other athletes on our team deserved it, but I am happy and proud of winning the title."

"It encourages me to keep going. I have always been enthusiastic about soccer at school or anywhere else. Even though I know that winning is not the most important thing, awards show that training and effort pay off. Being MVP has motivated me even more with the Final Four coming up! I will try to win the title again, now in the Final Four."

Carolina Coca, Grade 11, Girls’ Volleyball Team Captain

"This was the first time I won a Most Valuable Player title. It was very cool and unexpected! I thought another athlete on my team would win because, whether you like it or not, you always have that feeling of not knowing if your performance is good enough. It was also a surprise because it was my first time competing in the ISSL."

"As captain of the volleyball team, winning the MVP gave me an even greater feeling of responsibility because I knew I was there representing my team, my coach, and the school. I arrived in Brasilia wondering what the next steps would be because we did not win. Despite that, it helped me understand that even without taking first place, the effort was recognized. I am motivated to train more and prepare for next season. Although our team is very young, and most of the athletes competed for their first time in the ISSL this season, they all had the opportunity and ability to win the title. Winning has encouraged us as a team!"

Tiago Bianchini, Grade 11, Boys’ Volleyball Team Captain

"I was happy about the title! It boosted my morale after the semifinals. After the championship, I saw the team feeling a bit down because of our position. I thought my performance might not have been good enough. So, the title made me feel better about myself and happy with my arrangement within the championship."

"It indeed served as motivation for the other athletes on the team and for me. Last year, we went through a similar situation with our placement in the championship. You look at who won and think, “I want to be that person,” so my focus was to train for the title, and it worked! I will work even harder and focus on next year’s title!

You can see photos of the championship here.

Congratulations to our athletes for their brilliant performance!"



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