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Festival of Lights at Nations: A renewal of energy and celebration of religious diversity

The event aims to promote moments of prayer and reflection

On December 9, the Nations community came together to participate in the Festival of Lights, an event that transcends a simple celebration of religious diversity. Attended students, staff, and families, this gathering marked the realization of an interdisciplinary project aligned with the school's vision, mission, and institutional values, providing unique moments of prayer, devotion, and reflection. During the ceremonies, students seized the opportunity to showcase their diverse learning projects and performances.

The inaugural ceremony, orchestrated by students from Early Childhood Education, featured representations of the Bahá'í, Hindu, Judaism, Islam, and Catholic religions. The focal point was music, with students from Nursery to Grade 1 captivating the audience with songs reflecting the honored religious diversity.

In the Elementary program, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Catholicism received acknowledgment from our students. A standout moment was the presentation of student and parent choirs, whose inspiring songs prompted moments of reflection and harmony. Equally significant was the Candle Ceremony in Elementary, where each student lit a candle representing a religion from around the world.

The Middle and High School ceremony provided valuable moments for the Festival of Lights audience. Musical performances, such as Ana Parracho's saxophone solo, and theatrical presentations from grade 7 classes, inspired by Max Lucado's work "You Are Special," provided an enriching experience. The participation of the Nations marching band further contributed to the artistic diversity of the event.

The 2023-24 edition of the Festival of Lights not only revitalized the energy of the Nations community but also reaffirmed the importance of religious diversity. In an increasingly interconnected world, events like this are crucial to promoting understanding, respect, and peaceful coexistence among different beliefs. Once again, Nations demonstrates its commitment to cultivating an educational environment that values and celebrates differences.

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