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Elementary students participate in the Buddy Bench Project

Elaborated by our social-emotional learning team, the project involves students at every phase

Elementary students painted these beautiful benches as part of the Buddy Bench Project to kick off our Friendship and Kindness Week in February. We are happy to announce that they are finally ready to use!

Students in Grades 2 through 5 painted ordinary benches, transforming them into these beautiful works of art. This month, the benches were placed throughout both campuses to create a safe and friendly space where students can signal that they need a friend to help them. From Early Childhood to Elementary, students have learned the purpose of the Buddy Benches and how to use them.

The brainchild of our social-emotional learning team, the project helps students understand that they can help one another through empathy and by being kind and respectful. We are working to create a supportive community where we care for one another, and everyone is included!



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