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Dia de la Hispanidad: A Vibrant Affair for Middle School Students

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Hispanic Culture and Traditions

Last week, the air was filled with excitement and celebration as middle school students and teachers came together to commemorate Dia de la Hispanidad. Our Spanish Department organized this vibrant event, highlighting Spanish-speaking countries' rich and diverse cultural heritage. The celebration was a resounding success, from music and dance to indigenous games and tasty treats.

Festivities began with Grade 6 students captivating everyone with a beautiful song they sang in Spanish. Their voices filled the room, and their performance was a testament to the students' and teachers' hard work and dedication.

Students also had the opportunity to share poems they prepared specially for the event. Caroline Fernandes, a grade 7 student, was one of the outstanding students at the event, presenting a poem about the history of Christopher Columbus.

"I'm proud of my pronunciation and very happy that I was able to memorize the poem. I was backstage at the event, and it was very cool. The dance performances stood out for me. Our school is the School of Nations, so it's always very interesting the way the school teaches about other cultures and countries. We were able to have fun while learning", she shared.

Following the musical performance, the stage came alive with a mesmerizing dance performance by one of our Spanish teachers, Ms. Valeria Leyton. Her graceful movements and intricate choreography were met with thunderous applause. Not to be outdone, Mr. Miguel, also one of our Spanish teachers, treated the audience to a second dance performance, displaying his exceptional talent and passion for dance. Both performances left a memorable impression on everyone.

One of the most enlightening moments of the celebration was a student-led demonstration of games indigenous to Spanish-speaking countries. Middle school students showcased traditional games from various regions, offering a glimpse into the cultural diversity of the Hispanic world. This interactive experience allowed the audience to immerse themselves in the games and learn about their historical and cultural significance.

The Spanish Department planned an activity for students to decorate classroom doors reflecting themes inspired by various Spanish-speaking countries. This creative endeavor allowed students to explore the art, history, and traditions of these nations, adding a visual and educational dimension to the celebration. Students transformed the school’s hallways into a colorful tapestry of cultural diversity.

Mr. Miguel Tumbarell highlighted the broader educational impact of the event.

"The event was so important because it allowed students to have a different kind of social interaction. They work on creativity, creation, collaborative spirit, and much more. It was unforgettable. As it was an interdisciplinary event, the students were able to study and work not only on their development in Spanish, but also in history, literature, and the arts."

No celebration of Dia de la Hispanidad would be complete without indulging in some delicious churros to add an extra layer of authenticity to the event. The warm, crispy pastries were a hit, giving everyone a taste of the delectable side of Hispanic cuisine.

The Spanish Department´s commitment to promoting cultural awareness and appreciation among students was evident throughout the event. Dia de la Hispanidad served as a moment of celebration and a learning opportunity, bringing students closer to the rich heritage of Spanish-speaking countries.



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