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After School Recital: 100 Years of Broadway - an evening of youthful artistry

Nations' students bring Broadway home on a night filled with amazing performances

On the evening of October 20, the Nations After School Drama & Fine Arts Institute proudly presented the "After School Recital: 100 Years of Broadway" at the Main Campus. This event featured the talents of students from elementary to high school, bringing the world of Broadway to life and spanning a century of iconic performances. The recital was a collaborative effort between Nations' After School Drama Program and the Fine Arts Institute. Ms. Luciana Maia, the Artistic Director at the Fine Arts Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oklahoma City University, provided guidance and mentorship to the students.

The event featured a total of twenty performances, with five presented by School of the Nations students. These young artists, under the guidance of the Fine Arts Institute and their dedicated instructors, showcased their remarkable talents, imparting their unique touch to the evening's celebration of Broadway's rich history.

Our journey through Broadway's history commenced with the youngest talents in the spotlight, our Elementary students, whose youthful exuberance brought "When I Grow Up" from the beloved musical "Matilda," premiered in 2010, to life. Their performance beautifully captured the essence of childhood dreams and aspirations.

Next, the stage belonged to the Middle School students, who transported us back to the late '90s with a spirited rendition of "Zero to Hero" from the legendary "Hercules," a musical that burst into the limelight in 1997. The infectious energy of their performance mirrored the electrifying atmosphere of the era in which this Disney classic thrived.

The High School segment dazzled the audience with not one but two mesmerizing solo acts. Victoria Goulart, a Grade 12 student, delivered a captivating rendition of "Falling" from the contemporary masterpiece, "Kin," which made its debut in 2022. Following her performance, Maria Giulia Balbino, a Grade 10 student, transported us to a different time and place with her poignant interpretation of "Maybe This Time" from the iconic "Cabaret," a musical that graced the stage in 1966.

The "After School Recital: 100 Years of Broadway" served as a testament to the dedication and skills of our students, made possible through the invaluable support of our school community. This event highlighted the power of arts education in nurturing creativity and igniting students' passion for the performing arts. As we look to the future, we anticipate many more shining moments from these young artists.



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