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Academic Excellence Celebrated at Elementary Awards Ceremony

Event rewarded young talents from Grades 2 to 5 in national academic competitions

On February 23, a special Elementary Academic Awards Ceremony was held, marked by the presence of students' families and elementary teachers. This event, honoring outstanding students from Grades 2 to 5, celebrated achievements in the Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad (OBA), BEBRAS Brazil Challenge, and the Brazilian Public and Private Schools Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP Mirim).

The event showcased the dedication and skills of young learners, awarding medals and certificates for exceptional performance in these competitions. This recognition not only acknowledged their success but also served as a beacon of inspiration for all students to pursue academic excellence.

Keith Ray, the Elementary Principal, emphasized the importance of such ceremonies for the students and the nation's families. According to him, these events are not just a celebration of achievements but also a crucial encouragement for the students.

"The ceremonies are extremely important because they help build our school's climate and culture. As we seek to cultivate a culture of student autonomy, where our students are truly invested in their learning processes, we need to acknowledge their efforts and achievements along the way. Therefore, we must have these moments where we come together as a community, cheering each other on regardless of the outcomes. We cheer for our efforts and our desire to learn more."

By highlighting the achievements of these young scholars and reinforcing the event's communal aspect, the ceremony underscores the school's commitment to nurturing a culture of intellectual pursuit, excellence, and community engagement.



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