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New colors!

Students from our Coloring Brasília project took part in a new and colorful initiative. This time, they created a mural of children’s themes for young patients at a hospital that serves mothers and children in Brasilia - the Hospital Materno e Infantil de Brasília (HMIB). In painting the mural, our young volunteers brought joy to children and their mothers who enjoy the playground and garden areas at the hospital.

The four student-volunteers and their Art teacher met with representatives from the hospital to design their project.

With playful and vibrant paintings, visitors now have a more friendly and cheerful

Coloring Brasilia is a student-led project that focuses on bringing creativity, color, and joy to different areas of the city through the arts. In 2019, students painted a nearby bus stop and were invited to an exhibition/picnic at Karla Osorio’s art gallery.



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