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School of the Nations' team stands out in the British English Olympics 2024

Competing against 60 teams, our students secured a Top 24 ranking in the overall competition and 1st place in the Lancing B BEO Investigation.

School of the Nations recently celebrated a remarkable presence at the British English Olympics (BEO) 2024, held in London, England. This esteemed academic competition, which tests proficiency in British English, welcomed bilingual students from across the globe to showcase their skills in a variety of challenges, including debates, performances, and improvisational events. Notably, this year’s BEO theme, "AI Unleashed," explored the expanding influence of artificial intelligence on society. This marks the second consecutive year that School of the Nations has participated in the BEO.

During the competition from March 26 to April 10, our team, consisting of nine students from both Middle and High School, participated under the guidance of their teachers, Monna Povala and Jorge Sobrinho. Their journey included not only competitive events but also enriching cultural and academic experiences across England. These experiences included visits to historical sites and breathtaking tourist attractions such as the Harry Potter studios.

Nations' Accomplishments

In 2024, the BEO hosted 60 international teams, creating a vibrant and diverse environment for competitors aged 12 to 16. This year, the Nations' team not only reached the semifinals but also achieved a commendable top 24 ranking out of the 60 participating schools. Their standout performance was highlighted by a first-place finish in the Lancing B BEO Investigation challenge with their presentation "Revolutionizing Education: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence," where they explored the benefits and drawbacks of AI in the educational landscape and the challenges associated with its use, outperforming four other schools with their insightful analysis.

Monna Povala, the BEO Team Leader and a Middle School English teacher, reflected on the profound impact of the BEO experience.

"The students have many chances to face new situations, which leads them to take on leadership roles, take risks, work together, speak up in public, and solve problems. It's exciting to watch and be part of this process. We see the students grow more responsible, both personally and academically. This experience is very enriching and perfect for two types of students: those who are already good at expressing themselves and being outgoing, who will find this trip greatly confirms their skills; and those who are still learning these skills. They are placed in an intense, engaging program that pushes them to change and adapt. Being part of a multicultural and multilingual experience benefits them in many ways."

Reflections from Participants

Eduarda D'Amorim, Grade 8 

"At first, I was a bit nervous about going, but once we arrived, it turned out to be so much fun and so rewarding. The group we traveled with was fantastic, and we grew incredibly close. We had so many interactions with people from other countries that it felt like something out of this world, completely beyond our normal experiences!

I will definitely carry the experience of the BEO trip with me for life. It was one of the best trips I've ever had, where I got to meet amazing people I want to stay in contact with. Beyond just our student group, we have grown much closer, and today we are better friends and more united than ever. It was incredible!"

Rafael Lobato, Grade 10

"The experience was really positive. The school's support for our English development was invaluable. Our English skills improved significantly, and the school was fantastic in supporting us. The presentations I participated in really resonated with me. The BEO showed me that just by speaking up and giving my best, I could make a big impact, and getting positive feedback was incredibly satisfying for all of us.

The experiences I've had will stick with me forever. One major takeaway was overcoming my fear of public speaking; the BEO was a huge help in that regard. This experience was like flipping a switch in my mind, teaching me that we don't need to be shy and that confidence is key. I'd encourage other students to participate in the BEO; it's a life-changing experience that equips you with lifelong skills."

The achievements of School of the Nations at the BEO 2024 exemplify the school’s dedication to nurturing global citizens with exceptional linguistic and cultural skills, ready to tackle the challenges of a connected and dynamic world.



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