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Nations students earned medals and certificates in the 2021 Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad

From bronze to gold, School of the Nations had great results in this last edition

With thirteen medals and thirty-one certificates, School of the Nations once again did very well in the Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad 2021 (OBA). On May 28, 2021, forty-four students in Grades 1 through 9 took part in the 24th edition of the Olympiad, organized by the Brazilian Astronomical Society (SAB) in partnership with the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB).

To avoid crowds during the pandemic, the exams were taken virtually with each test consisting of seven questions, divided into the areas of astronomy and astronautics. School of the Nations students won four gold medals, four silver, and five bronze.

The 25th edition of the OBA is scheduled to take place on May 20, 2022, and will once again be held in person only in a single phase. Registration is open through May 1.

Congratulations to the students who participated and to those who earned medals!


  • Helena Castello Branco Buiaz, Grade 1

  • Isabella Satikos Kacinskis Prado, Grade 2

  • João Vinícius Soares dos Santos, Grade 2

  • Rodrigo Tramontini Cavalcante, Grade 2


  • Bianca Bernardes Brandão, Grade 2

  • Cauã Pires Dutra, Grade 2

  • Isabella Roseo Arduini, Grade 9

  • Maria Isabel Kimura Leiria Campo, Grade 6


  • Cecília Mattos de Araújo, Grade 4

  • Lily Jaguar Correia, Grade 4

  • Luísa Eugenio Barbosa, Grade 4

  • Manuela Rezende Arentz, Grade 4

  • Yasmin Bezerra Roriz de Arruda, Grade 5



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