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Festival of Lights

Honoring the importance of religious diversity and its contributions to humankind, our Festival of Lights introduces students and the school community to many religions of the world, some of the wisdom they hold in common, and religious acceptance.

On December 7, elementary students and their families celebrated unity, faith, happiness, and religious diversity through prayer, reflection, and song.

The opening message drew attention to the importance of seeking serenity in our lives. In an analogy made between the grace of butterflies and the simplicity of children, guests reflected on their lives and daily routines and pondered the power of love in guiding our lives.

This year the dragonfly - a symbol of freedom, harmony, strength, and the search for truth - added beauty and symbolism to the Festival. Parent Collaborators shared an inspiring message of unity and bravery using the dragonfly to symbolize the challenges we overcome and the constant transformations we go through in life.

School of the Nations Parents’ Choir presented two songs. Conducted by our music teacher, Ms. Sara Assis, parents sang of hope and encouragement. Wishing to integrate everyone in the search for what brings light and love into our lives and to build a better world, they performed Westlife’s “You Raise Me Up” and John Newton’s hymn “Amazing Grace.”

To bring this year’s Festival of Lights to an end, students, parents, family members, and school staff enjoyed refreshments and snacks together.

“... Today, all horizons of the world are illuminated with the light of unity... we were created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization...”

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