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Seeds of Solidarity

Students and parents plant trees together in São Sebastião on Volunteer Day

Start Where You Are

Volunteering starts with an idea: a plan to be set into motion. International Volunteer Day is celebrated worldwide on December 5, and School of the Nations joined the cause. On Saturday, December 2, students, parents, and teachers volunteered for a day. Our aim was to plant trees near a stream in Vila do Boa, São Sebastião.

Use What You Have

Vila do Boa is a simple, rural neighborhood, fortunate to have a vast green area with three wellsprings. At dawn, São Sebastião Administrator, Alexley Pires, the City Secretary, Marcos Dantas, and the local community welcomed our volunteers with a delicious breakfast and guided us to where we would plant.

Do What You Can

Each volunteer carried a sack containing a small tree and planted it along the course of the stream to help rehabilitate the forest along its bank. As our team followed the river, they collected trash to help strengthen the surrounding ecosystem.

Be Part of the Cause

Environmental awareness is key to a sustainable future. As simple as properly disposing of waste at home, actions do shape collective behavior. All twenty-five participants were role models to the community and put into practice the virtue of solidarity.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop.

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