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Mock Exams and Preparing to Enter the University

Every School year we have four important mock exams, one each quarter. They focus on national university entrance exams: Enem, PAS and the vestibular. Students interested in entering Brazilian Universities, such as the University of Brasilia, take mock exams to prepare.

Mock exams help students, not only by allowing them to review the subjects and content of what will be on the university exams, but also by preparing them psychologically. The school gives mock exams on the same day of the week and for the same amount of time as the actual exams. Mock exams for Enem will take place on two consecutive Saturdays, and those for PAS will take place on one Saturday only.

After each mock exam, students receive their results showing their performance in each subject. Graphs explain their results and encourage them to study.

This year, students in Grade 9 will have two mock exams to help prepare them to take university entrance exams. We will begin tracking their progress and continue to do so throughout the remainder of their high school years to help them focus on those subjects in which they want to improve.

On October 11, students in Grades 9 through 12 had a day full of learning. Ninth grade students took their first mock exam for Enem. Teachers prepared the questions on the mock exams to reflect those on the actual Enem exam. Students need to know how prepared they are to take a test and in which areas they need to improve.

On November 5 and 12 the second Enem mock exam will take place. On this one, we will focus on Languages and Codes, Science of Nature, Human Science, and Math.

On the same day Grade 9 students were taking their mock exam for Enem, students in Grades 10 and 11 took the Preliminary SAT, also known as the PSAT.

Seniors had an interdisciplinary class divided into two parts as well. The first focused on the humanities. Students read Vidas Secas looking at the grammar, geography, and literary style, and then discussed the trajectory of migrants’ lives, geography, and the historic aspects in the book. The second part focused on the exact sciences, math, physics, and chemistry. Students discussed nuclear energy and its impact on the world.

We will continue with the mock exams to help prepare students for success and university entrance exams. Stay tuned for the next exam dates!

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