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Board Workshop with Bambi Betts

On Thursday, January 25, 2017, School of the Nations’ School Board participated in Board training with Consultant, Bambi Betts. Claudia Drummond–Board President, Luiz Ernesto Borges Mourão Sá–Board Secretary, Glaucia Brito, and Marcos Fadel took part. Our Executive Director and Business Manager also participated in the training.

Professor Betts guided discussions on the purpose and functions of a highly effective Board, in light of research-based practices. The group examined the relationship of the Board to the School and the pillars that support its mission: education, human resources, finance, facilities and marketing.

The School Board is the gatekeeper of the school’s mission. Their duty is to articulate a compelling vision, shape and uphold the mission, and ensure congruence between decisions and the school’s values. They treat questions of vision, mission, and values not as one-time exercises, but as statements of crucial importance to be drilled down and folded into deliberations. They craft the vision of the School’s development and ensure its long-term health. This latter includes both health and sustainability in all its aspects, not just financial.

To close, we reflected on those things we already do in accordance with best practices. Our commitment to ongoing learning is institution wide at our School. Such workshops unite and inspire us.

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