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Secondary School Clubs: Where Students Fit In

One of the great pillars of our holistic education at School of the Nations is Learning to Live Together. Youth in Secondary years are at a time in their lives in which independence and decision-making are factors that encourage learning. They are discovering their personal identity and opinions as well as trying to fit in where they believe they belong.

Since last year, our Secondary School team has been working on after school clubs. Clubs give students the opportunity to choose what subject and field they want to explore more. Students get to choose which club(s) they want to join.

Most clubs are student-led with key people (staff members or teachers) acting as facilitators. An assembly was organised for students in grades 6 to 12 to advertise each club and share more details on what each club is about, when they meet and how students can get involved.

Time spent on club activities and meetings are counted as service hours. All Nations' students must have a minimum of 60 service hours to graduate.

Below are the descriptions of our clubs.

  • The Astronomy Club is for students whose intellect is out of this world! It provides an opportunity to explore our Universe in a manner that is unavailable to students in a traditional curriculum. We plan to enter the Astronomy and Aeronautics Brazilian Olympics (OBA) again this year, building and launching rockets and researching current topics in Physics and Astronomy to enrich the learning experience of Club members.

  • The Camping Club helps students discover the outdoors. We will plan our camping trips, about 4 each year, and learn how to set up camp, what to do around a camp and how to survive a weekend away. This club is students' best opportunity for a challenging and fun adventure, while learning about the great outdoors.

  • GAINS Club (Girls Achieving in Non-Traditional Subjects): The purpose of GAINS is to empower young women to achieve anything they dream of. Research has proven that young women are often hesitant to enroll in higher-level classes focusing on math, science and engineering. Stepping out of the 'gender roles' and expectations can be difficult for anyone. The goal of the club is to research powerful women in both the past and present.

  • Journalism Club: Students in Grades 6 through 12 have the chance to write articles about world news and school-wide news, as well as culture, games, TV shows, book-reviews and to share essays or poems. Under the guidance of the Communications Department, students learn how to write a proper article, interview by using instigating questions and experience the dynamics of a real newspaper or blog company. Visit our blog at

  • LEADS Club (Leaders Engaged in Action, Discourse and Service) is a student Club that helps promote student leadership. Students take initiative, engage in conversations about world issues and serve others. We will develop public speaking, coaching and facilitating skills as well as play the peace game.

  • The Math Club is intended for all middle and high school students who want to prepare for different math Olympics or simply enjoy taking on math challenges. Until September, we focus on the Brazilian Math Olympics (OBM), solving previous exams and discussing important topics for students who will take the exam's second phase. Later, students work with challenges and puzzles to help develop logical reasoning as well as new math skills.

  • The MUN Club (Model United Nations) is a model of the United Nations. Students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and all about the United Nations. Students work with others to research and debate issues that are happening around the world to come up with resolutions. They take part in different simulations and competitions and learn more about a country's social and economic standings.​

  • The Photography Club: This club is for any 6th-8th grade students interested in looking at and taking photos on their smartphones. The mission of the Nations' Photography Club is to give students a chance to express their love for photography and enhance their photo-taking skills. Our goal for each meeting is to learn how to improve the quality of the photo by learning skills like: adjustments to exposure, composition, and lighting. There will be plenty of time each club meeting to practice the skill learned in club.

Students can also get involved in ecological projects such as the School Factory, our Mandala Garden and YES WE CAN. Students also take leadership in eco-friendly campaigns to raise awareness about the misuse of materials and to collect supplies that can be reused.

We also have volunteer service projects in which High School students can take part: Learning 4 Fun, Nations Radio and Speak Up.

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