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Nations Festival 2015 | Let Justice Shine

Every September, our School organizes its annual event based on our most important core values: the unity in diversity and the oneness of humankind. It is the time where the entire school community puts into action what we believe in, the respect and appreciation of others.

Each grade represents a nation (normally chosen by the nationality of the student body in that grade), totalizing 16 countries. Students spend a full semester studying about the country's culture, history, geography, national symbols, globally known leaders, cuisine, dance, music and traditional customs. This year, especially, we honoured a few countries that have never been honoured before.

  • Nursery 2: Iran

  • Nursery 3: Lebanon

  • Pre-Kindergarten: England

  • Kindergarten: Suriname

  • Grade 1: South Korea

  • Grade 2: Azerbaijan

  • Grade 3: China

  • Grade 4: Serbia

  • Grade 5: Armenia

  • Grade 6: Egypt

  • Grade 7: Greece

  • Grade 8: Norway

  • Grade 9: Jamaica

  • Grade 10: Scotland

  • Grade 11: Argentina

  • Grade 12: Mexico

Consistency was the word for the organisation of our Festival. The Arts Department joined efforts to create Pop Art-inspired portraits of each and every Nations' student. These were used in the decoration, turning the event even more colorful. High School students also volunteered to work on panels with portraits of world-renowned figures who preached and acted with justice.

The fund raised by the entrance tickets was R$ 6875,00 at the ECE Campus and R$ 4027,00 at the Main Campus. School donates all proceeds from the entrance fee to local institutions to help support projects that promote social transformation. This year, proceeds will go to Creche Santa Rita and Instituto Vila do Boa. Both institutions are located in São Sebastião.

Last year, the proceeds were donated to the Learning 4 Fun project. On August 22nd, volunteers started the first class of the semester with brand new books! They planned their classes and used the material of Cambridge Kids Box. It has been a great success.

We congratulate our students, staff and parents for the hard work in making this a spectacular Nations Festival, once again!

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