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Elevating Excellence: Charting a New Course for College Guidance at School of the Nations

Nations High School College Counselor participates in academic conference and secures accreditation in international higher education program

Ms. Michelle Ray, our esteemed High School College Counselor, has once again propelled us toward academic excellence. This month, she ventured to São Paulo to enhance her professional knowledge through participation in an event organized by the BMI Counsellor & Higher Education Workshops and THE Counsellor Accreditation Programme. Alongside three other counselors, she delivered a presentation titled "Guidance for College and University: Perspectives from National Curriculum Schools & Experiences of Counselors Outside the SP-RJ Area."

Moreover, Ms. Michelle seized the opportunity to connect with approximately fifteen universities from Canada, the USA, and Europe, gaining insights into their programs. Her dedication has not only elevated her expertise but has also culminated in her earning the prestigious title of accredited counselor from the Times Higher Education Counsellor Accreditation Programme (THE CAP). This program, designed by counselors for counselors, offers a unique blend of data and insights on global higher education from the Times Higher Education.

By earning this certificate, Ms. Michelle has not only augmented her credentials but has also ensured that School of the Nations is now a THE CAP Accredited School. This significant achievement reaffirms our commitment to providing unparalleled guidance to our students as they navigate their academic and professional futures.



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