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Commemorating the Centennial of the Week of Modern Art

In February 1922, a movement took place in São Paulo promoted by artists from various fields — painting, sculpture, literature — with the aim of opening new possibilities for Brazilian arts, which were still rooted in nineteenth century European standards. The events involved exhibitions, poetry recitations, and lectures — with clear proposals: an affront and a break with the tradition of European influence.

The Week of Modern Art was criticized at the time. It was only later that the intended goals of the movement were achieved, initiating a national artistic culture, and inaugurating what is known as Brazilian Modernism.

Students at School of the Nations in Elementary, Middle, and High School were immersed in this important cultural milestone by creating artwork, now on display in their classrooms and on murals. They are also getting involved in conversations with guidance from their teachers, inspiring discovery and enriching their knowledge.

The areas of the School that work with the arts — including literature — are developing interdisciplinary projects that involve producing and reinterpreting relevant works of art of the movement. The objectives of such activities go beyond celebrating the centennial. We want to enrich students' knowledge of Brazilian artistic culture and their perception of characteristics of current works of art as fulfilling and continuing what the artists of the Week of Modern Art defended.



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