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Celebrating Global Diversity: The 43rd Nations Festival at School of the Nations

Nations Community witnesses a mosaic of cultures: uniting education, celebration, and multiculturalism

On March 9, 2024, School of the Nations hosted its 43rd Nations Festival, an annual celebration dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation for global diversity. This vibrant event, held at the Main Campus, successfully merged culture, festivity, and education into an enriching experience for the entire school community. By spotlighting the histories, customs, languages, arts, religions, attire, and culinary traditions of various countries, the festival served as a dynamic platform for showcasing the world's rich tapestry of cultures.

At the heart of this year's festival was the active participation of students from each grade, who engaged in project-based learning to represent and research 16 countries across all educational stages, from Nursery 2 to Grade 12. Early Childhood students delved into the cultures of Ireland, China, Sudan, Spain, and Ecuador, while Elementary students explored Nigeria, Mozambique, Guatemala, and Japan. Middle School students presented Romania, Indonesia, and Sweden, and High School students brought to life the traditions of Germany, Italy, Jamaica, and the United States.

This collaborative endeavor not only highlighted the school's cornerstone value, Unity in Diversity, but also capitalized on the multicultural composition of its student body, which spans over twenty-five nations. Beginning from the outset of the school year, students immersed themselves in the study of their chosen country's culture, history, and societal norms, aiming to cultivate a profound understanding and respect for global cultures.

Demonstrations of Learning

The Nations Festival transcended mere cultural exhibitions; it was a space for learning. Students did not limit themselves to dance and traditional dress; their projects included detailed studies of arts, historical milestones, notable poets and writers, as well as the mathematical, historical, and geographical significance of their chosen countries. This approach ensured a holistic exploration of cultural heritage, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of learning and understanding.

The festival's success was evidenced by the attendance of 1,834 participants, including students, family members, staff, and alumni, who collectively experienced the beauty and diversity of our world. 

You can find the 2023-24 Nations Festival photo album here, or in the Nations App.



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