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Coloring Brasília

Students promote the importance of creative arts

Brasília is now a little more colorful! On February 16, students combined their creativity and artistic skills to send a powerful message. They developed a project to paint bus stops to call attention to an issue that concerns many high school students - environmental awareness and the right to live in a safe environment.

Our ‘Coloring Brasília’ Project aims to enlighten young people of the importance of the arts and other areas that bring joy to life.

“It started as a small class project, but then we saw we could express ourselves artistically and make a difference,” said Helena Medeiros, senior and member of the group.

Art teacher, Ms. Diana Bracarense, supervised the ‘Coloring Brasília’ Project, providing students the opportunity to put into practice experiential learning, the arts, and citizenship.

“We are promoting new forms of learning that are both project-based and practical,” Diana said.

Former student and artist, Marina Matinelli, shared her graffiti and lettering techniques with students, taking part in the project to offer our student-artists advice.

Before and After

To launch the Coloring Brasília Project, students painted a nearby bus stop. Their artwork portrays a woman surrounded by Brazilian flora and fauna. Mixing monochrome and bright, lively colors, they are helping call attention to the importance of environmental awareness and the right to live in a safe environment.

Where Can I See It?

You can see students’ artwork at Estrada EPCV - DF 35 Km 2 (In front of SMDB, Conjunto 20, Lot 4).

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