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Excellence in education

School of the Nations took second place on IDEB from among 131 public and private schools in Brasília

As many of you are aware, School of the Nations has been publicly recognized for earning 7.1 on the Indice de Desenvolvimento da Educação Básica (IDEB) of the Ministry of Education (MEC) for the outstanding achievement of our High School students. The purpose of IDEB is to monitor educational quality nationwide based on the number of students passing in school, their performance on standardized tests in Portuguese and Mathematics, and students’ responses to a socioeconomic questionnaire. The Portuguese test focused on reading and interpretation, and mathematics, on problem resolution.

School of the Nations took second place in our region out of approximately 131 public and private schools who took part. Our commitment to rigor and excellence has been confirmed by nationally recognized external standards. What great news this is!

Our bilingual, international education, our mathematics program that is taught in English, our highly effective teaching strategies, how we incorporate higher-order thinking skills, critical thinking, and deeper learning into how we teach, and our focus on understanding versus memorization is highly effective. Today we have external verification that how we educate works — and works well. We prepare our students well to enter universities in Brazil and abroad.

This should inspire us to continue working to surpass our current level of excellence and to show that our students have brilliant hearts and well-trained minds!

You should be proud of your contribution to this achievement.

Congratulations to each of you!

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