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Career Fair for High School Students

On March 3, renowned professionals in different professions came to School of the Nations to talk with our High School students about career paths and choices. They spent the morning with students and shared their experiences and advice.

The Fair began with a general question and answer session. All professionals talked about a given topic in relation to the field in which they work. They shared their impressions on what has changed from their generation to that of students, what skills they had to learn when they began working in their professions, and how their careers affect society and the world.

Afterward, each professional met with two different groups of students for a short workshop regarding their profession. Students chose two professions about which they wanted to learn more and were able to ask more specific questions.

Here’s a list of the professionals and areas targeted:

Múcio Porto - Medicina

Ricardo Cruz - Ortodentia

Wanda Meyer - Arquitetura

Tereza Cavalcanti - Engenharia Civil

Henrique Salsano - Gastronomia

Raquel Dodge - Direito

Mauro Furlan - Diplomacia

Márcio Dala - Tecnologia

Raul de Lima - Jornalismo

Our students really appreciated meeting and speaking with top professionals in careers they want to follow. It was a huge success! We would like to thank our guests who kindly took their time from their busy schedules to be with us. They made an exceptional impact on our students.

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