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Our library program supports all curricular areas and aims to help students become enthusiastic, competent, life-long library users. The program is literature-based and most skills are taught within the context of a subject area assignment. Activities are carried out in cooperation with teachers who reinforce specific skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and who teach students how to obtain and critically interpret information through print and electronic sources.


School of the Nations’ Library offers a pleasant and adequate learning environment for students from all sections of the school and can be used to read, study and research (including online) and may be used for programmed learning activities such as presentations by authors.


In addition to projects planned in conjunction with teachers such as reading and literature circles, the Library also offers activities such as art exhibitions, storytelling, puppet shows, films and cultural activities. Library staff and teachers organize the School’s annual book fair.


Library books are selected for informational support of learning activities and research, according to the demand of the teaching staff, through consultation of catalogs, library user suggestions, book publisher sites, bookstores and other libraries in addition to specialized services, such as The Title Wave Books are registered according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and catalogued using the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules 2 (AACR2) according to content, age level and, in English and Spanish, by Lexile Reader Measure.


Our library offers a wide range of online resources that are available to students, parents and teachers. Students receive their user name and password for all library resources at the beginning of the year. Parents and students may request a user name and password by contacting our library at

With more than 100 million page views daily, EBSCOhost is one of the most used paid sites on the Internet and is the leading database provider for libraries. You can access thousands of scholarly articles, newspapers, encyclopedias, and other reference and research sources, as well as our School's eBook collection.  

Nations’ Library now offers access to over 11,500 eBooks, many of which are downloadable. Come explore our new collection of eBooks from EBSCOhost!  New books are added every month, so you’re sure to find something you like. Once you find a book you like, you can create your own user login inside the database to save your searches and eBooks.

High School eBook Collection

K-8 eBook Collection

Follett Destiny is the school's library catalog. From here, you can search for the physical books the library owns and that are currently available, create resource lists, see other people's resource lists, and more.

Destiny Quest is an alternative way to access the library catalog. Its bright colors and social media make it popular with younger students, who have user names and passwords that allow them to login and recommend books to friends. Please note: WebPath Express is not available through Destiny Quest.

Lexile scores help measure a student’s reading ability or the difficulty of a text, book or article. A student can get his or her Lexile score by taking a reading test, such as Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). If your child has already taken the MAP test at school, he or she already has a Lexile score. If you do not remember your child's Lexile, his or her English teacher can provide it to you.

WebPath Express is a great alternative to Google for students! Through WebPath Express, all sites accessed are reviewed by educators and verified for factual accuracy, currency, authority, educational value, coverage and objectivity. Content is differentiated by grade level and Lexile, encouraging information literacy by supporting each student’s self-directed research.

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