At School of the Nations, we believe the Arts positively stimulate, inform and empower human development. Engagement in the Arts promotes creativity, self-expression, self-discipline, problem-solving, social interaction and an understanding of the human condition. We aim to inspire all students to develop their artistic literacies in positive learning environments through exploration, application, analysis and critical reflection.


Our library collection holds more than 20,000 books, over 11,500 eBooks, as well as computers and materials to support our academic programs and to serve students, teachers and parents. 


Librarians give students several classes throughout the year on how to access and use all our library resources.

After School

School of the Nations provides After School and School Teams Programs for students in Nursery II through Grade 12. Aiming to enrich the regular curriculum, these programs offer students the opportunity to explore skills in areas of interest to them. Students may choose from various activities in recreation, sports, arts, academics and culture, all of which are given by qualified professionals.

College Prep

By offering two programs - Bilingual and International - School of the Nations prepares High School students to enroll in universities in Brazil and abroad. Students prepare for all the required exams and college entrance tests, such as PAS, ENEM, Vestibular and SAT. Our College Guidance Counselor offers personalized advice to each student to help ensure that he or she understands all options open to him or her and to support students' choices. 


Moral Education for Global Citizenship

We believe education goes beyond the mere transmission of concepts and skills that can be applied to a defined context or activity. Human beings have both a material and a spiritual dimension that interact in a process of constant evolution of the human soul as it progresses through the physical reality that surrounds us at this stage of our existence. In this sense, our School is committed to helping young people develop outstanding academic, ethical, and spiritual qualities and a clear understanding of their roles in building a better world.


The curriculum is designed and taught to make physical education fun. Later, we focus on developing students’ specific motor skills required for various sports. When students are older, our main goal is to give students the opportunity to explore various team and individual sports. Using modern Physical Education criteria, we teach through games and strive to create a safe, comfortable environment in which all students feel at ease taking part. This enables students to learn through problem solving and encourages them to develop greater autonomy.



To prepare students to learn throughout their lives and in settings outside school, we need to change what and how we teach. That is, what we teach must match what students need to know as well as how, when and where they learn best.

With our Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program, every student brings his or her own device to enrich his or her learning and to foster responsible and effective use of technology at school. BYOD helps strengthen teaching and learning and improve engagement and collaboration.