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Preparation for Universities and Career Guidance

Selecting the university that best fits a student’s needs is a major decision. At this important juncture in their lives, students need guidance and support. They need information that enables them to make well-informed decisions based on their values, ethics and social, vocational and personal goals.


Our College Guidance Department helps students access this information and provides personalized counseling to help ensure that all students discover their aptitudes and interests and understand the higher education opportunities open to them. By offering two programs, School of the Nations prepares high school students for both Brazilian and international universities. Most of our students are accepted into the universities of their choice.


High School provides students mock exams, study halls, ENEM/PAS Week, and preparation for other external tests such as the PSAT and SAT. Students also take part in various College Fairs throughout their high school years and may visit universities in Brazil and the U.S.

Mock Exams
Study Halls
SAT Prep
College Fairs

Once each semester, School of the Nations offers Mock Exams for PAS, ENEM and Brazilian university entrance exams (Vestibulares). Test questions consist of actual questions contained on previous real evaluations. The environment and times of the mock exams simulate those of the actual test so students are familiar with what to expect.

The understanding of content is essential to good performance. Study Halls are offered daily on several subjects. All students are encouraged to take part in Study Halls given by their teachers.

For a full week after school, students have the opportunity to attend intensive classes to prepare for the ENEM exam. Renowned teachers are invited to join Nations' teachers to teach and review the content required of the exams and to provide exercises for practice. 

The PSAT helps students prepare for the SAT. The test is offered by the College Board® and given to students in Grades 10 and 11. This evaluation measures the same knowledge and skills as the SAT. The SAT is used by many American and Canadian universities for admissions.

The SAT is an exam offered by College Board® and measures skills and knowledge in Writing, Reading and Mathematics. It is an evaluation given as an admissions requirement to many American and Canadian universities. School of the Nations offers all interested students SAT Preparation. This way, students can identify which areas need improvement. School of the Nations is an official SAT Testing Center. Click here to access more information about the SAT.

Throughout the year, School of the Nations receives representatives from many universities from the U.S., Canada and Europe. These visits aim to share knowledge with students on all the programs, scholarships, payment plans, requirements for admissions, etc. at each university. Students have access to universities of most interest to them. For those who are still uncertain of their plans, these visits provide a good opportunity to discover the areas of most interest to them. 

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