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Join Us for a Journey Through Global Cultures at the 43rd Nations Festival


Date: March 9, 2024 | Time: From 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Location: At the Main Campus

What is the Nations Festival?

The Nations Festival is an annual event that celebrates global diversity by weaving together culture, festivities, and education into a unified experience. Now in its 43rd year, the Festival is set for March 9, 2024, and invites the entire school community to engage in showcasing the histories, customs, languages, arts, religions, attire, and culinary traditions of various countries. This year's event will take place at our Main Campus from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., offering a vibrant and immersive environment for all participants.

Students from each Grade partake in project-based learning, choosing a country to represent and conducting in-depth research to delve into its myriad facets. This initiative not only reflects one of the school's core values—Unity in Diversity—but also capitalizes on the multicultural makeup of our student body, which represents over 25 nations. It aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of global cultures.

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What is the Festival’s main goal?

The main goal of the Nations Festival is to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of global cultures among students, aligning with the school's foundational values, including Unity in Diversity. From the outset of the school year, students begin their preparations, immersing themselves in the study of a selected country's culture, history, and traditions. A unique aspect of this learning experience is the opportunity for students to gain insights from peers who are nationals of the countries being studied, enriching their understanding through firsthand accounts and cross-cultural exchanges, sometimes extending beyond the classroom through special meetings. This approach not only enhances the educational experience by grounding it in real-world perspectives but also promotes the school's ethos of fostering global citizenship, mutual respect, and an inclusive community that values the rich diversity of its student body and the wider world.


Countries Represented this Year
(Click on the flags to know more about their demonstrations of learning)





Tickets and Food

This year, we will hold a presale of tickets for the Nations Festival. Starting Friday, March 1, tickets will be available for purchase through the receptionists at both campuses. They are priced at R$50.00 (fifty reais) and must be paid for in cash or by debit or credit card. Tickets will also be sold on the day of the event. 

  • The festival ticket is unique. Once purchased, it allows attendees to stay for the duration of the event, regardless of the number of children enrolled in the school, whether they are enrolled in different sections or study at different campuses.

  • Tickets also cover the cost of food. We will serve delicious traditional dishes from each of the selected countries and a variety of beverages.

  • Students and staff do not need tickets to enter.

  • Children under 12 enter for free.

  • Seniors (over 60 years of age), students from other educational institutions, people with disabilities, and alumni will pay half price - R$ 25.00.

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Nations Festival Menu

Explore Global Cuisine at the Nations Festival. Our event features a diverse selection of international dishes, providing a taste of culinary traditions from around the world. Interested in exploring our menu? Click to see the menu and discover the variety of traditional dishes available at the Festival.


Highlights from the last Nations Festival
(Equity leads to Justice)

Map of Activities

To easily locate each activity, check our event schedule below and the School Map provided on the right. This will guide you to the various event locations efficiently.

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