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2024/2025 SCHOOL YEAR

Reenrollment: Everything You
Need to Know

Steps to Guarantee Your Child's Place at Nations for the 2024-25 School Year


What is the date of the re-enrollment?

On Monday, May 13, we began the re-enrollment process for the 2024-25 school year. This process concludes on June 21. We are excited to continue providing a high-quality education for our students.

Important information

In keeping with our commitment to accessibility, sustainability, and efficiency, we will continue to use the DocuSign platform to collect electronic signatures.

The re-enrollment process is intuitive and consists of four steps

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Receive the School Contract

Step 1.

You will receive the document through the DocuSign platform at the email of the person who is financially responsible for the student.

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Refer Campaign

Know more about
the Family Referral Enrollment Policy

Refer a Family

If the referred family successfully enrolls, the referring family will receive a 10 percent discount, and the referred family will receive a 5 percent discount on their annual tuition for the year they were referred.

Referrer Information (Your information)

What is the Section of your child/children?

This initiative aims to promote student enrollment through a referral system while rewarding both enrolled families and new families with discounts on tuition fees.

This Referral Campaign is our way of showing appreciation to our dedicated families and encouraging the growth of our vibrant and diverse school community. For detailed information on the terms and conditions of this Policy, please refer to the document below.

Important: Updating Information

If you find any outdated information, please contact us before signing the contract. You may contact us by phone at 3366-1800, extension 215 or 236, or by email at After the update is made, we will promptly send you the school contract to sign.

Should you require further information or assistance, you may contact us via email at, by phone at 3366-1800, extension 220 (Finance Dept) or 215 (School Records Office), or through WhatsApp at (61) 98241-1590 (Finance Dept).

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