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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)



We are the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of School of the Nations, in Brasilia. Our goal is to assist and collaborate with EdN towards the betterment of the school and the interaction between students' families and the school (PTA Statutes, Art. 3).

The PTA functions through thematic committees approved as part of its work plan. These committees consist of volunteers from among its constituency. Volunteers may be parents or guardians of students as well as teachers and other academic staff of the school.








How you can participate:

  • Fill out our form.

  • Get involved with the PTA! Keep up with PTA news by receiving the newsletter, sent via email.

  • Join our group! Participate in PTA meetings and on committees.

  • Become an active member! Be a PTA volunteer.

Academic Committee


School of the Nations’ PTA Academic Committee partners with parents, teachers and administrators on topics related to academic and enrichment programs.

Current projects include the "Welcoming School of the Nations" Program; Parental Friends of the Library; support for school communications on issues related to academics.

Grounds Committee


The purpose of the Grounds Committee is to work closely with the school to discover areas around school buildings and on school grounds that would benefit from financial support or manual labor provided by parents. Examples of such help include projects such as the Mosaic Project, new playgrounds, air-conditioning in classrooms, among others.



The PTA Communications Committee has among its main duties and responsibilities to actively engage Nations families through various communication channels, including social media, to communicate about Nations’ PTA programs and activities as well as information affecting the school or its educational programs.

Finance Committee


The goals of the Finance Committee are:

1. Manage Funds Responsibly

2. Develop and implement fundraising strategies. Contributing to school social projects (% to the PTA); and annual collective purchasing of school supplies (% to the PTA)

3. Set up stands (barracas) at school events (visibility & $)

4. Explore Parent Contribution (R$50) as part of the matriculation process


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