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There’s no stopping the Class of 2021

The SAT is a standardized test offered every year by the College Board in the US. Most US universities and many universities around the world use the SAT for admissions. It assesses students’ reading, writing, math, and reasoning skills, and its purpose is similar to that of the Enem in Brazil. Over 2 million students worldwide take the SAT every year.

Class of 2021

Nine students in Grade 12 took the SAT in October 2020 and 3 in December (one student took the exam both in October and December). Our top two scores in October were earned by Lucca F. Conforto (99th percentile) and Beatriz C. Barreto (98th percentile). 118,374 students worldwide took the SAT in October 2020.

All three students who took the SAT in December scored in the 98th percentile or above. Gabriela P. Pires earned the top score in our school’s recent history placing herself in the 99th percentile! Pedro C. Braga and Gustavo G. Siglemann both scored in the 98th percentile. 98,137 students worldwide took the SAT in December 2020.

Congratulations to Gabriela P. Pires and Lucca F. Conforto for acing the SAT!



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