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Students earn first place in essay contest

Valentina Simoneto, Grade 3, and Stela Lopes, Grade 9, earned first place awards in the essay contest sponsored by the Sindicato dos Estabelecimentos Particulares de Ensino do Distrito Federal (SINEPE/DF).

The theme for this year’s contest was: “Promoting Peace.”

For the second- and third-grade essay contest, students were challenged to use grade-appropriate knowledge and skills to write an essay that answers the question, “What could you do to become a role model to others?”

As for the eighth- and ninth-grade essay contest, students were asked to write an essay on “Promoting peace: ways of doing good to others.”

Our student-writers were encouraged by their Portuguese and English teachers to talk about their ideas in class.

“We are always looking for new and interesting ways to promote virtues in class. We want students to exchange ideas and life experiences with one another; and this essay contest was a perfect opportunity for students to practice their writing skills and talk about respect, kindness, and peace,” adds Ms. Ana Paula Serejo, Portuguese teacher.

On November 12, SINEPE held an award ceremony for the winners. Students, their parents, our Elementary Principal, Mr. David Esch, and Portuguese teacher, Ms. Ana Paula Serejo, attended.

Congratulations to our award-winning writers!

Reading and Writing Workshops

In 2018-19, Elementary teachers took part in a Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop for International Schools at the American School of São Paulo. The workshop reinforced that literacy in the classroom is built around student choice, independence, authenticity, and responsiveness. While there, our teachers had the opportunity to prepare and practice with students to gain hands-on experience.

“We promote a learning environment in which students help each other improve their work by editing and revising their classmates’ texts and assignments. We want to empower them to become better readers and writers,” says English teacher, Ms. Ana Paula Dalmaschio.



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