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Student Expo: Celebrating the Diversity of Learning

A Journey through Educational Projects, from Early Childhood Education to Elementary School and Beyond

On the last Saturday, October 28, our main campus was filled with colors, creativity, and learning during the 2023-24 Student Expo. This annual event, a true celebration of our students' potential, provided the perfect opportunity to share what we are proud to achieve in our school. From the youngest learners to students in Middle School, the Student Expo provided a glimpse of the full spectrum of learning that takes place in our institution.

Early Childhood Education: Unveiling the World through the Senses

Our young learners from Nursery 2 explored the day-night cycle through a charming activity. They delved into the magic of the natural world with sensory bottles, arousing curiosity and understanding. Meanwhile, the young explorers of Nursery 3 took on the "Help Ricky, the Rock, Roll!" project and faced the challenge inspired by an engaging story, learning about movement and design in a playful way.

Pre-Kinder students created mini-tornadoes in jars, stimulating curiosity and fostering dialogue about the natural world. Lastly, Kindergarten students tracked daily weather changes, documenting the school's weather conditions and presenting their findings in the "Personal Climate Chart" project. A practical activity that brings science into everyday life.

Elementary School: Interdisciplinary Learning

In Grade 2, students dedicated themselves to the "Nigerian Habitats" project, an interdisciplinary approach involving Science, English, Geography, History, and Portuguese. They created dioramas representing different Nigerian habitats, combining various areas of knowledge.

Grade 3 focused on the subject of Science, exploring the theme of "Force and Motion" by creating roller coasters. Students applied their understanding of force and motion, reflected on the creation process in Portuguese, and collaborated in the engineering process.

Grade 4 students delved into Science and History with the "MOVE" project, exploring movement in various dimensions, from energy movement in Science to human migration patterns in History. They built Rube Goldberg machines and created a board game representing historical immigration patterns.

The focus of Grade 5 students’ projects was also on the subject of Science, specifically exploring the properties and transformations of matter. The main objective of this project was to deepen the students' understanding of the properties and states of matter, as well as the physical and chemical changes it can undergo.

Middle School: Scientific and Technological Exploration

Middle School students excelled with projects that applied the scientific method to investigate authentic problems of their choice. With detailed display panels, they shared their discoveries and investigative processes, covering a wide range of topics, from environmental issues to everyday technologies.

High School: Preparing for the Future

High School students had a regular day of classes on this instructional Saturday, continuing their quest for knowledge and preparation for the academic challenges that awaited them.

Our Grade 12 students spent the morning preparing one of Nations' oldest traditions, the Haunted House.

The 2023-24 Student Expo was a great success, thanks to the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of our students. It is inspiring to see how they apply what they have learned in a creative and innovative way. We thank all members of our school community for contributing to this special event and eagerly look forward to what the next academic year will bring in terms of discoveries and achievements by our students. Congratulations to all!

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