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Strengthening Parent-School Partnerships: "Harmony in the Classroom" Workshop

This workshop was facilitated by Ms. Claudia Sayuri, our dedicated elementary Portuguese teacher

On September 29, the Nations Parents Academy hosted another insightful workshop, this time focusing on the theme "Harmony in the Classroom." This workshop was facilitated by Ms. Claudia Sayuri, our dedicated Elementary portuguese teacher. The goal of this event was to shed light on the concept and purpose of Class Meetings, which play a pivotal role in our educational community.

In the Schools of Nations community, we recognize that there are still families who may not be familiar with the concept or purpose of Class Meetings. These meetings are a fundamental part of our school's approach to education, where we prioritize collaboration and values. Sharing information about Class Meetings with parents is essential because it allows us to bridge any gaps in understanding and strengthen our partnership with each family.

In Practice

At Nations, class meetings are conducted every week during English and Portuguese classes, and at times, extra sessions are held when needed. These meetings provide a platform for students to discuss issues that require a collective approach, such as classroom agreements, while consistently emphasizing our Golden Rules. This practice fosters a sense of community, mutual respect, and shared responsibility among our students, all of which are key values we instill at our school.

One of the key takeaways from the workshop is the importance of courageous communication. This means empowering children to express their opinions, emotions, and feelings assertively. Parents will learn how to assist their children in developing these crucial communication skills, which can lead to healthier interactions both at school and at home.

"Harmony in the Classroom" promotes open and supportive communication between parents and their children. Being available and approachable whenever necessary fosters a stronger parent-child bond and allows parents to provide the necessary guidance and support to help their children navigate the challenges they may encounter in the classroom and beyond.

By understanding these concepts, parents are better equipped to support their children's development, encourage courageous communication, and foster an environment of open dialogue and collaboration. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this knowledge on our school community as we continue to work together to nurture the growth and well-being of our students.



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