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Student Spotlight: Sofia Galvão

"Young Talent" Award: Receiving Recognition from the International Academy of Culture

On September 1, the Academia Internacional de Cultura (AIC) held its “Honors Ceremony” to recognize the remarkable achievements of young talents in various fields, including arts, sciences, philosophy, literature, and music. Among the brilliant honorees at this event was Sofia Galvão, our Grade 5 student, who earned the prestigious Young Talent Award.

This award is a testament to the academy’s commitment to rewarding the merit of young individuals who excel in their fields. The recognition not only celebrates talent from an early age but also provides financial incentives for these young talents to continue honing their skills. Sofia received a one-thousand reais incentive scholarship to support her writing talent.

Sofia achieved this remarkable feat through her dedication to writing. She is the author of three books and a poem, all written while attending school. When asked what she felt after receiving the award, Sofia said, “I was nervous, but at the same time, very happy and proud of myself. The school encourages me a lot to write and read, and I believe that’s why my stories won the award. In Portuguese and English classes, I write a lot and practice my writing to have many stories to tell. I still want to write many more!”

Sofia’s literary talent is impressive, as she writes in Portuguese and English. Her ability to express her creativity and ideas in two languages is admirable, reflecting her passion and dedication to writing.

Academia Internacional de Cultura

The AIC, a private nonprofit association founded in 1997, aims to bring together intellectuals from Brazil and other parts of the world in arts, literature, music, sciences, and philosophy. The AIC is a hub for cultural exchange that gathers talented individuals passionate about their respective fields, fostering an environment where merit is celebrated and encouraged.

In addition to the Young Talent Award, the International Academy of Culture’s Honors Ceremony included the Palmerinda Donato Cultural Merit and the Fabiano Cristo de Mello Chronicles Contest. These awards seek to recognize excellence in various areas of knowledge and culture, promoting the importance of education, creativity, and merit.

Sofia Galvão’s success is an inspiration to young talents, showing that dedication and a love for writing can lead to remarkable achievements, regardless of age.



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