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School of the Nations stands out at the OBMEP 2023 Regional Ceremony

Students and Teachers Honored for Success in Mathematics Competition and Gear Up for the Next Edition

On August 22, School of Nations made its mark at the regional ceremony of the 17th edition of the Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP). The event honored medal-winning students, outstanding teachers, and educational institutions from both the public and private sectors in the Federal District for their performance in the competition.

The participation of Nations in OBMEP is not new, but this year's edition brought even more reasons to celebrate. In the 2022 edition, Nations’ students earned two bronze medals and seven honorable mentions, demonstrating excellence and dedication to their mathematical studies.

Bronze Medalists

  • Artur Bezerra, Grade 12

  • Luka Braga, Grade 11

Honorable Mentions

  • Elisa Fernandes, Grade 9

  • Daniel Bezerra, Grade 8

  • Rodrigo di Guida, Grade 9

  • Maria Isabel Campo, Grade 9

  • Enzo Weyne, Grade 11

  • Ian Marinho, Grade 10

  • Lucas Munhoz, Grade 12

At the regional ceremony, the spotlight was on student Luka Braga, who represented School of Nations. Luka took the stage to receive his bronze medal, accompanied by the Head of the Mathematics Department, Marco Antonio Borges, Mathematics teacher, Elisa Pereira, and Executive Director, Danyel Dalmaschio.

“Participating in the ceremony was a very positive experience! I was incredibly happy and proud to see the results of my efforts being celebrated. I believe it's very important for the School to encourage our participation in Olympiads. It makes a significant difference in gaining admission to universities both in Brazil and abroad. Being part of such an experience broadens your worldview and allows you to approach challenges from a different perspective,” says Luka.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from the Brazilian Mathematical Society and the Department of Education of the Federal District.

Recognizing Teacher Excellence

Not only students but also a teacher from School of Nations was recognized at the ceremony. Middle School Mathematics teacher, Ms. Elisa Pereira, was one of the fifteen educators in Brazil honored by OBMEP. She received one of only two awards designated for teachers in the Federal District.

“I am happy to have received this recognition, but I am even happier about our students' accomplishments. I’m proud to see how well they performed. The school encourages students to participate in competitions from a young age, and this must continue. When students reach High School, they begin to reap the rewards and realize the importance of their long journey,” says Ms. Elisa.

Looking Ahead to the 18th Edition of OBMEP

School of Nations is already looking forward to the next stage of the 2023 OBMEP. The second phase of the 18th edition of the Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad is scheduled for October 7th, and the School proudly has twenty five student representatives.

One of the students who was awarded an honorable mention in the previous edition, Maria Isabel Campo, shared her excitement for the second phase of the competition.

“I am thrilled to have received an honorable mention. I have already taken part in two editions of OBMEP, and I am convinced that it significantly enhances one's resume, benefiting both students aspiring to study abroad and those who plan to study here in Brazil. When you sit for the exam, you acquire a distinct experience beyond the classroom. I am currently preparing and focusing on the second phase this year, as I firmly believe that I can improve my performance” says Maria Isabel.

We congratulate all students who earned awards and recognition for their outstanding performance in the 17th edition of OBMEP. School of Nations is honored to participate in OBMEP and witness how this competition makes a significant difference in students' lives, fostering intellectual development, a healthy competitive spirit, and an unwavering pursuit of knowledge.



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