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School of the Nations promotes the Modify Bags project to raise funds

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Students from the institution produce stylish eco-bags to raise funds for socially vulnerable families

What happens when social engagement and sustainability join hands for a common cause? The result of the partnership could not be different: actions that promote transformation. In a project that aims to serve the community, students from School of the Nations in Brasília founded the Modify initiative. In the most recent action, the group designed eco-bags to raise funds for families affected by the pandemic.

The Project

Since the beginning of the pandemic, due to mass layoffs and a decline in job opportunities, thousands of inhabitants of the Federal District have entered poverty. According to data from the Secretariat of Social Development collected by Metrópoles in early 2021, more than seventy-seven thousand families have been living with a per capita income below R$ 89 per month.

Given this situation, several initiatives were born with the purpose of mobilizing civil society and raising funds for people living in situations of social vulnerability. In 2020, students from School of the Nations launched Modify, focused on promoting opportunities.

The project gives students the chance to put into practice knowledge of arts, environment, technology, and other areas, in initiatives that bring hope to the community. The proposal is to give donors silk-screened and hand-painted eco-bags as gifts.

"In the beginning, we started with the production of videos for YouTube with school content for students in public schools. Then I realized that we could think of other initiatives for when we return to face-to-face. That is why Modify works as a startup. The proposal is to enable people to create ideas for projects and actually implement them." says Sayna Zahrai, the student who created the program.

Custom Eco-bags

Eco-bags have been on the fashion radar for quite a while now. Essentially versatile, eco-bags can be used in several environments. From the market to the most elaborate events, they are indispensable for those who do not give up practicality in everyday life. Inspired by this, students decided to put their faith in the idea.

“My classmates and I organized ourselves to have the designs ready and to get the school’s approval so when we returned, everything would be ready. After a year of planning, organizing, and structuring our ideas, we finally launched the project. And it has been working very well! I noticed that people are enjoying it, and they want to be there, present and involved,” shares Sayna.

Under the guidance of teachers in the Arts and those in Moral Education and Global Citizenship, students strengthened their drawing, embroidery, painting, and silk-screening skills. And all students, regardless of artistic talent, can participate.

“I seek, through art education, to promote a space where students can be creative, leaving my classroom always open for them to explore new techniques and ideas,” reflects Diana Bracarense, the visual arts teacher at the institution. “Besides the study of art history, I see artistic experimentation related to social problems as a fundamental element for a person’s growth as a citizen of the contemporary world. It’s amazing to see how art can transform lives and, at the same time, bring joy in these times,” adds the teacher.

Both the hand-painted and the silk-screened bags will be offered for donations starting at R$50. The initiative will be promoted internally at the school in an event for parents and guardians on February 21. In addition to contributing to an ecologically sustainable environment, people who participate in Modify will also be contributing to the purchase of food for vulnerable communities.

Report made by Ilca Maria Estevão and published in Metrópoles.



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