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School of the Nations participates in 25th edition of the Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad

Nations’ students from Elementary to High School win medals and certificates

In May 2022, seventy-three of Nations’ students in Grades 2 through 12 took part in the 25th edition of the Brazilian Olympiad of Astronomy and Astronautics (OBA). In total, the students won fourteen medals and fifty-nine participation certificates. This year, the exam was held in person and in a single phase.

For biology teacher Mr. Leandro Campos, the OBA is an exam that offers a significant differential for students. According to him, developing an affinity between the student and the subject is one of the most important reasons for offering the test.

“My main objective is to convince students to take the exam, not how well they perform. It is important to discover talented students in this area. I teach them to enter the competition not only to win prizes but to find out whether they like it and have a vocation for it. I am happy with the medals but even happier when students participate more than once and get involved.”

Organized by the Brazilian Astronomical Society (SAB) in partnership with the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), OBA has been held in Brazil since 1998. This year’s edition broke records for participation, with 1,368,964 students from 12,000 schools competing. The competition featured ten questions on a variety of topics in astronautics and astronomy. School of the Nations’ students won seven gold medals, four silver, and three bronze.

Congratulations to all who participated and to those who earned medals!


  • Artur Bezerra Roriz de Arruda - Grade 11

  • Catharina Coelho de Oliveira - Grade 3

  • Helena Castello Branco Buiaz - Grade 3

  • Julia Jaguar Correia - Grade 5

  • Felipe Solé Magalhães Lemes - Grade 6

  • Joaquim Duarte Toledo - Grade 6

  • Lily Jaguar Correia - Grade 6


  • Bianca Bernardes Brandão - Grade 4

  • Murilo Santana Perini Braga - Grade 5

  • Diogo Matos Rios Mendes - Grade 11

  • Luís Silva Nunes - Glass of 2022


  • Ian Christino Marinho- Grade 9

  • Pedro Henrique Morsch Carvalho Bernardes - Grade 11

  • Arthur Choi Braga - Grade 11



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