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Professional Development: The SUNY Program

Thirty-one staff members are taking part in the Master of Science Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies Program offered by the State University of New York, Buffalo (SUNY). The program consists of ten courses given at our School or through a combined approach of on-site and online classes.

On October 21 through 27, participants completed their fifth course, called Instructional Design and Assessment, marking the halfway point in earning their Master’s degrees. Dr. Joyce Stallworth taught the class.

Participants analyzed feedback and listening processes and how students best learn and apply new information. The course focused on designing instruction to achieve specific learning outcomes and using systematic models to facilitate planning, developing, revising, and evaluating teaching.

Participants said the course provided practical ways to assess students, taught them new ways to analyze and critique assessment and feedback processes, and offered them practice in planning lessons while keeping feedback and assessment in mind.

“What stood out to me was the impact that positive feedback has on the academic and social-emotional development of students. When a student takes part in a class project, it is important for teachers to provide constructive criticism,” adds Ms. Ana Paula Serejo, Grade 2 Portuguese teacher.

Impact on teaching and student learning

Teachers shared their best practices with their colleagues and implemented what they learned in their classrooms. Improving teachers’ instructional strategies and providing effective feedback to students helps improve learning and instruction.

The SUNY Program

SUNY has proven experience in providing quality educational programs to international schools throughout the world. The university offers a vast range of courses in education and educational leadership. In consultation with SUNY, we have designed and customized this program to meet the needs of both students and teachers.

The program began in October 2018 with staff members from Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary.

Over four years, participants will take ten courses, three of which they took during the 2018-19 school year and two more during the first semester of 2019-20.



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