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Plant with care: the beanstalk project

Students conduct a seed germination experiment to learn more about the life cycle of plants

We have all heard the story Jack and the Beanstalk - about a boy who offered his family’s cow to a stranger in exchange for some magic beans. In this English Fairy Tale, Jack and his mom never would have guessed how tall that beanstalk would become after they tossed their magic beans through the window. But you don’t need magic beans to grow a beanstalk (nor does it cost you a cow)!

For their Science project, Nursery 3 students grew beans in cups to observe the stages of the life cycle of the bean plant. Their seed germination experiment gave them the opportunity to see up close how a seed grows and what actually happens under the ground!

After watching their teachers' video lessons, students planted their beans. They also drew every change in the plant germination cycle to further improve their observation and fine motor skills.

In addition to exploring nature, students also applied their Habits of the Heart virtue of the month - Caring! While they checked their beans to make sure they had enough water and sun, they learned about what plants need to grow and their importance to our planet.

Nursery 3 teacher, Ms. Meissa Vieira, was impressed with students’ results and happy to see how their families supported the project.

“We had students’ siblings asking to participate. They were also very interested in planting and caring for their own beans!” - Ms. Meissa Vierira, English Teacher


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