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October and December 2019 SAT Results

Twenty-four of our seniors took the SAT in October and December 2019. The six Nations’ students listed below scored in the 90th percentile or above.

  • Cecília Montoril de Campos

  • Lara Arruda Paiva

  • César Brasileiro de Alencar

  • Henrique de Sousa e Silva Mueller

  • Julia Amorim Segatto

  • Amanda Luz de Araújo

Special congratulations go to Cecília Montoril de Campos and Lara Arruda Paiva, both of whom earned scores in the 98th percentile.

Percentage of students who took the SAT and earned scores in the 70th percentile and above:

90th percentile and above: 25% 80th percentile and above: 42% 70th percentile and above: 75%

(Percentile Range & Class of 2020 - % of students who took the SAT by percentile range)

What is the SAT? The SAT evaluates a student’s reading, writing, math, and reasoning skills, and most US universities use it for admissions. Its purpose is like that of Enem in Brazil.

How many students take the SAT each year? More than 2 million students worldwide take the SAT every year. In October 2019, 419,398 students took part in the SAT, and in December, 259,601. At School of the Nations, 53.3% of the class of 2020 took the SAT in October or December. International students can take up to six SAT tests each academic year and use their highest score for admissions. Three more SAT test dates are scheduled for this academic year—in March, May, and June.



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