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New Investments

Cafeterias in Early Childhood & Main Campus

We have taken one more step toward implementing cross-curricular food and nutritional education at our School. Our two new cafeterias promote an inviting dining environment for students. With a completely renovated and modern infrastructure, both cafeterias now offer higher quality food services.

In addition to renovating both cafeterias, Early Childhood also installed a new kitchen, complete with new equipment and utensils. We now carefully prepare food exclusively for students in Early Childhood.


Looking for a place to grab a snack before your After School activity? Look no further! Our new canteen offers students and the school community a place to have a quick, healthy snack after school. Our canteen sells refreshments and light meals.

Band Room

The new music and band room in the auditorium is now double its original size. Secondary students have classes in a much more spacious and comfortable environment.

Secondary Furniture

Middle and high school classrooms have new tables, chairs, and furniture. Depending on class dynamics, students can now tackle projects on group work tables or enjoy reading in comfortable individual chairs. Couches and tables are now available throughout the halls of Secondary. During breaks, students now have more comfortable spaces to meet with their friends.

Laptops, Chromebooks & IT Department

One-hundred-forty laptops and two-hundred Chromebooks were purchased for our staff and students. The new devices will help students develop 21st-century skills through innovative use of technology in the classroom. Investments were also made in the IT department. The newly renovated office of information technology provides better accommodations for our IT support team.

Early Childhood Bosque

Early Childhood students have safer, more pleasant environments for them to spend time outdoors. The playground and green area have synthetic grass providing students, monitors, and teachers more comfort and safety.



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