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Navigating Student Development: Unveiling the 360 Review Process

A comprehensive approach to academic, social, and emotional growth for parents and educators

In a presentation on December 1 at the main campus library, Ms. Marcia Guedes introduced the 360 Review Process, a strategy designed to address students' needs, covering emotional, academic, and behavioral aspects. The process involves setting measurable goals, known as ABCD goals, with a focus on achieving them in a short period.

The session was part of the Nations Parents Academy workshop series, highlighting its role in providing valuable insights to parents on fostering their children's development. The importance of this presentation for parents lies in its approach to students' challenges and needs. By extending beyond the academic realm, the ABCD goals aim to develop skills like organization and responsible decision-making in various contexts, including the home.

The 360 Review Process serves as a preemptive strategy, identifying students' developmental areas early on and establishing goals from the outset to support students in maintaining strong academic performance and positive social and emotional characteristics. Parents stand to acquire knowledge by the end of the presentation, learning how to formulate ACBD goals for their children across academic, social, emotional, and behavioral domains. The goal is to strengthen parent-child communication and foster a partnership between parents and the school.

Understanding the intricacies of the 360 Review Process enables parents to participate in their children's development. By aligning expectations and establishing a partnership, parents can provide support, ensuring that their children thrive academically and personally. The 360 Review Process contributes to parents' growth by providing them with a tool to engage in their children's development. Collaboratively setting goals, parents play a supporting role, helping their children develop essential life skills such as organizational proficiency, responsible decision-making, autonomy, and accountability.

As the 360 Review Process unfolds, parents are poised to gain a deeper understanding of their children's developmental journey. This knowledge, coupled with the practical application of ACBD goals, is anticipated to strengthen the partnership between parents and the school, fostering an environment where students can thrive and develop.



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