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Nations Running Club

Ms. Viviane Oliveira woke up before dawn on Sunday, August 25, and headed straight to the City Park where she joined more than one-hundred other runners for the Fraternity Run. It was Viviane’s first run since she joined our Nations Running Club - a School wellness initiative developed for teachers and staff of School of the Nations.

Since its comeback in 2018, every week, our runners put on their running shoes and take on a series of aerobic exercises on the soccer field. Two certified instructors carefully set up each running session and personalize routines for each participant.

In addition to promoting running exercises on campus, the Club also encourages participants to take part in races and competitions outside School - and they also take part in races as a group.

Becoming part of Nations Running Club means that when race day arrives, you will probably have several fellow runners and friends alongside you to support you and cheer you on.

“I get to exercise and spend time with people who work with me but who I don’t normally get the chance to talk with,” says Ms. Oliveira. “To me, running means investing in my wellness, both physically and socially,” adds Viviane.

Join us in congratulating our Nursery 2 teacher, Mariana da Silveira, for taking 3rd place in the 5K category! She ran it in 30 minutes and 18 seconds!



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