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Nations Parents Academy: Empowering Parents in the Digital Era

Navigating Media Literacy and Promoting Digital Citizenship

August 25 marked a significant milestone for our educational community as we launched the Nations Parents Academy initiative with the inspiring inaugural workshop on "Media Literacy." Led by the renowned professor Jorge Sobrinho, this workshop marks the beginning of an empowerment journey for Nations families, aimed at guiding them through the digital landscape with the necessary tools to navigate the world of media responsibly and effectively.

Mr. Jorge Sobrinho, with his insight and extensive experience, delivered a lecture that shed light on the fundamental principles of media literacy. More than just a lecture, this was an opportunity for participants to learn how to become digital mentors for their children, understanding the essential aspects of conscious media consumption and digital citizenship.

With engaging participation from over twenty parents, the workshop highlighted the growing importance of understanding the media's impact on young minds and how parents can become reliable guides on this journey. Through the exploration of concrete examples and interactive discussions, participants gained insights into how to foster a healthy relationship with technology and assist their children in discerning information and consuming content critically.

Furthermore, the Nations Parents Academy presented a comprehensive schedule of exciting workshops to be held throughout the semester. These sessions will be led by school teachers, aiming to provide specialized knowledge and practical tools to empower parents in the task of education and also strengthen the collaboration between school and family.

Check out the upcoming workshops for this semester:

  • Letras e Sons para o Ensino Infantil, with Mrs. Nazaré Saboia: September 15

  • Harmonia em Sala de Aula, with Mrs. Claudia Kimura: September 29

  • Introduction to the Reading and Writing Workshop, with Mrs. Morgan McKinnon: October 20

  • Parenting with Connection, with Mrs. Michelle Ray: November 17

  • 360 review process, with Mrs. Marcia Guedes: December 1

Each of these workshops has been meticulously planned to address a wide range of relevant topics, ensuring that family members are equipped with crucial knowledge and tools to keep up with their children's development. The collaboration between home and school is emphasized as a fundamental pillar for the holistic growth of students.

Active participation and involvement of parents are essential to create a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for the students of our educational community. As the Nations Parents Academy progresses, we are excited to continue empowering parents and enabling them to play an active and informed role in their children's education in the digital era.

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