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Nations Festival and Book Fair

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

School of the Nations’ community participates in buying books, playing chess, and learning about the culture of 16 countries

Honoring cultures from around the world, appreciating literary works from Brazil and abroad, and showcasing what they have learned about their chosen countries at our annual Nations Festival and Book Fair, the School community enjoyed student presentations, traditional dances, culinary delights, and buying books. The entire campus was filled with decorations that left the School with special, thematic and interactive activities for everyone. For the first time since 2019, this year’s editions of the Nations Festival and the Book Fair were held in person at both our Early Childhood and Main campuses.

In addition to artistic projects, students explore the characteristics of their chosen countries and apply what they have learned at the Nations Festival. Each class, from Nursery to Grade 12, represents a country. This year, England, Italy, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Portugal, Mexico, France, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Samoa, Austria, and Brazil were chosen.

Going beyond the mere visual, the event reveals extensive knowledge about the culture of the countries. According to Ms. Ana Maria Mayr, our elementary educational guidance counselor, the festival represents the cultural diversity of the student body, something the School cherishes. It also provides an opportunity to honor students who come from abroad and allows them to share their culture with their friends and colleagues.

"The festival leaves its mark! Students don't forget it. If you ask them which country they represented any given year, they can tell you. The festival even motivates some to visit those countries! It's a way to show the School's vision and mission and how we build true citizens of the world." - comments Ana Maria.

Book Fair

Marking its presence alongside the Nations Festival, the 2021-22 Book Fair offered several activities for the public, the main one being the opportunity to buy students' literary productions and national and international literary works written especially for children and young adults. The authors Ms. Simone Azevedo and Ms. Lisa Perskie set up stands at the fair so the community could appreciate the works "O Vaivém da Linha" and "Laela and the Moonline."

In addition, the Library staff invited a chess instructor and set up a space with chess boards for those who wanted to venture into a game. To integrate students and their families into the universe of books, special guests from the Caixa Cênica theater company attended the event. The Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Dorothy, all characters from "The Wizard of Oz," delighted the audience at the Main campus. Inspired by book pages, the characters Lady Book and Mr. Book also guaranteed fun on both campuses.

According to our School librarian, Ms. Barbara Vidal, the book fair aims to encourage the school community to dive into the world of literature and reading.

"The event, a tradition at School of the Nations, seeks to form world citizens who are well-prepared, well-read and mature, both culturally and politically. We want students to understand the world and promote social transformation," comments Ms. Bárbara.

Be a Source of Hope

Seven-hundred eighty people attended our Nations Festival at the Early Childhood Campus this year, and 1,600 joined us at the Main Campus. For Executive Director, Ms. Lisa Perskie, the celebration was enriched by our 2021-22 annual theme “Be a Source of Hope.” The festival offers students, alumni, parents, families, and staff the opportunity to reflect on the importance of cultural diversity.

Click here to see the photos from this year’s Festival. We hope you enjoy!



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