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Grade 11 student earns second place in essay contest of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation

The Public Good Olympics II contest took place in October 2022 with “Technology and Development” as its central theme

In October, the School of Public Policy and Government of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation held its II — Olympiad of Public Good, an essay contest for high school students in Brazil. Seeking to expand knowledge of people and organizations that work to ensure the well-being and advancement of society, the objectives of the Olympiad are to:

  • recognize young people with innovative and transformative potential;

  • communicate the possibilities of transforming society;

  • build a more prosperous and fairer country;

  • help young people discover that it is possible to have and even create an inspiring and rewarding career while doing good for the community.

Students wrote a thirty-line essay related to the theme “Technology and Development,” chosen to encourage students to reflect on how technological improvements can promote public welfare and further the development of society. Students were asked to write about a professional who is helping produce wealth while regenerating relations and governance structures and contributing to transforming Brazil or the world into a more prosperous and more humane place for all.

Lucas Munhoz (Grade 11) represented School of the Nations in the contest. Writing about Kenyan entrepreneur and researcher Beth Koigo, Lucas won second place among all Grade 11 students (those in their second year of Brazilian high school) throughout Brazil.

“I was thrilled to win. Participating in the contest was important simply for the skills I developed. The essay required me to do deep research and, at the same time, be succinct. I practiced and improved my writing, cohesiveness, and grammar.”

For high school grammar teacher Ilza Borja, participating in competitions at this level is fundamental. The skills that students hone and develop go beyond classroom performance and are key to building a

good resume.

“For those students applying to national and international universities, participating in the Olympics is vital. It improves the quality of students’ portfolios and serves as an excellent addition to include in their letters of recommendation. I am incredibly happy for Lucas! He is resilient, persistent, and resolute. His recognition is well-deserved.”



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