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Fostering Holistic Growth: Nurturing Children's Spiritual Development

The Nations Parents Academy's latest workshop highlights the importance of spiritual growth alongside academic achievement.

On April 12, the Nations Parents Academy hosted a transformative workshop titled "Nurturing Children’s Spiritual Growth," focusing on the comprehensive development of children. The session, led by Ms. Isadora Laguna, our Early Childhood Moral Education Teacher, emphasized the vital role of spiritual qualities in character-building and emotional well-being, asserting their equal importance to academic success.

The workshop exemplifies a core practice at our school by integrating spiritual education into the broader curriculum, aligning with our mission and vision. We recognize that education should encompass more than just academics; it should also nurture the whole child, including their spiritual and moral development.

During the session, parents gained insights into the importance of fostering prayerfulness, developing spiritual qualities, and encouraging community service in their children’s lives. Practical methods for integrating these spiritual elements into family routines were shared, aiming to enhance the spiritual atmosphere at home.

Furthermore, the workshop empowered parents to better support the collaborative efforts between the school and home. Equipped with the values and principles discussed, parents can more effectively reinforce these teachings, ensuring a consistent learning environment for their children. This alignment between school and home environments is crucial for the holistic development of students. Additionally, the workshop provided parents with tools to engage in meaningful discussions with their children about spirituality.

Through such initiatives, the Nations Parents Academy continues to support parents in their crucial role as primary educators in their children’s lives, contributing significantly to building a foundation that supports emotional stability and ethical development alongside academic achievements.



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