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Nations community celebrates Festa Junina

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Brasília’s chilly winter/autumn months call for warm bonfires, delicious food, and traditional dance! Throughout June and July, in celebration of the harvest season and religious tradition, Festa Junina pays tribute to Brazil and its rural origins. One of the most popular and traditional festivities in Brazil, Festa Junina attracts people with country-style cuisine, music, dance, and games.

On June 4, School of the Nations held its annual Festa Junina. More than 1,500 people, including students, families, alumni, and school-staff attended. On the soccer field, booths were set up to serve traditional food such as pastel, barbecue, and delicious, country-style desserts and snacks. Guests enjoyed an incredible menu of food and an array of games, such as fishing, the ring toss, and bingo.

Students from Nursery to Grade 12 performed Quadrilhas (dances) and delighted the EdN community with much joy and enthusiasm. In addition to the students, this year's party stood out with unprecedented presentations. The band Pé de Cerrado, the quadrilha group Si Bobiá a Gente Pimba and Bumba meu Boi were present at the event, bringing music, dance ... and Brazilian culture!

Click here to see the photos from this year’s Festa Junina. We hope you enjoy!



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