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EdN students take the Kangaroo Math Competition exam

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Students from Grade 3 to 12 participate in the Kangaroo International Olympics and win medals and honorable mentions

This year, School of the Nations' Elementary, Middle, and High school students participated in the International Kangaroo Math Olympiad for the first time. On March 17, one hundred and fourteen students took the exams either online or in person. In addition to certificates for participating, fourteen of our students received awards. Two students received gold medals, three received silver medals, and two received bronze. Seven were awarded honorable mentions.

Aiming to expand students’ knowledge of mathematics, the contest has been held in Brazil since 2009 and has six levels based on age. Students in Grades 3 to 6 answer twenty-four questions, and those in Grades 8 to 12 answer thirty.

For Mathematics Teacher, Ms. Elisa Pereira, the most important aspect of the contest is for students to gain experience. "The intention is to encourage a love for math. Students don't actually win a prize, yet they want to participate. We try our best to encourage students from childhood through their last years here at the school. We want them to do exercises and use different ways of thinking."

Artur Bezerra (Grade 10) says his experience was fun. Already familiar with the Mathematics Olympics, he said the competition is different from other exams because the exercise and problems are different.

"I will definitely take the test again! I think other students must have had the same experience as I did. It was a fun test, and you can learn a lot from it. Also, since it is not so content-oriented, some students may have lost their fear of math, which is so common," says Artur.

Congratulations to the students who participated and to those who earned medals!

Gold Medals

  • Artur Bezerra Roriz de Arruda - Grade 10

  • Ian Christino Marinho - Grade

Silver Medals

  • Francisco Nascimento Kreppel Paes - Grade 6

  • Daniel Leopoldino Bezerra - Grade 6

  • Bianca Vianna Proppius - Grade 5

Bronze Medals

  • Mai Huu Trung - Grade 9

  • Caroline de Melo Fernandes - Grade 5

Honorable Mentions

  • Patrick Bento Kennedy - Grade 12

  • Rodrigo de Guida Carvalho - Grade 7

  • Tiago Eozenou - Grade 4

  • Lara Fukuchi Sanches - Grade 4

  • João Valentim Picini de Moura - Grade 4

  • Rodrigo Tramontini Cavalcante - Grade 3

  • Pedro Israel Ceravolo - Grade 3



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