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EdN students stand out in the 16th Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad (16th OBMEP)

Competition brings awards and recognition for the country's top students in Mathematics

Eight students from School of the Nations won medals or earned honorable mentions in the 16th Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP). The competition aims to stimulate and promote the study of mathematics and to promote social inclusion through the dissemination of knowledge, allowing middle and high school students to apply mathematical concepts in challenging tests. OBMEP is aimed at both public and private schools.

With over seventeen million students from 50,000 public and private institutions taking part, School of the Nations made its mark with unparalleled results!

Artur Arruda, Grade 10, ranked first in the state ranking for Level 3 students (Grades 11 and 12) and won the silver medal. Artur also won first place in Level 1 among all private school students in Brazil in the 2019 OBMEP.

Laura de Oliveira, Grade 10, won the bronze medal. Laura was one of only seven students who qualified in the Federal District at Level 2 and the only girl among all bronze medalists at Level 2 in the Federal District.

Six students earned honorable mentions.

  • Mirella Faur Capparelli de Vilhena, Grade 6

  • Maria Isabel Kimura Leiria Campo, Grade 7

  • Ian Christino Marinho, Grade 8

  • Victoria Djedjeian, Grade 9

  • Pedro Henrique Morsch Carvalho Bernardes, Grade 10

  • Tiago Bianchini Andrade, Grade 10

In addition to the eight award-winning students, five students at School of the Nations qualified for the second phase of the Olympiad, meaning that thirteen students will represent our School in the next phase!

Students qualifying for the second phase are:

  • Alexy Bulc, Grade 6

  • Elena Hurtado, Grade 6

  • Arthur Barral, Grade 10

  • Lucas Munhoz, Grade 10

  • Julia Andrade, Grade 12

School of the Nations congratulates all who took part in OBMEP, our students, the Math Team, and the families who encouraged their children to participate. These achievements are the fruit of collaborative efforts!

"Mathematics knows no race or geographic boundaries; for mathematics, the cultural world is one country." - David Hilbert, Mathematician

How does the Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad (OBMEP) work?

The Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad consists of two tests, one objective and the other open-ended. The objective test has twenty questions and is eliminatory. Therefore, only the top 5 percent of students qualify for the second exam.

The second exam has six open-ended questions. Two university professors correct answers.



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