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Do you know the ‘how to’ language?

Students create their own ‘how to’ books as they learn what informational writing is!

Imagine one thing you know how to do really well. Now, tell us how to do it as well as you do!

Grade 1 students let their imaginations loose as they choose topics for their informational writing assignment. In their introductory class on how to write informational text, students created short step-by-step tutorials to teach their classmates how to do handstands, make paper planes, and even delicious popsicles!

Informational text is a type of nonfiction that conveys information about the natural or social world. In addition to becoming more familiar with different types of texts, students were also challenged to expand their vocabulary by using transitional words in their writing process, such as ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then, and ‘last.’

To complete their assignments, students followed the ‘How to Writing’ guide. ‘How to Writing’ consists of four steps.

  1. Think of an idea

  2. Prepare materials

  3. Think of steps

  4. Write or draw the guide

Grade 1 teachers, Ms. Morgan, Ms. Alexis, and Ms. Emily said students enjoyed combining learning while doing something fun.

“Students are learning the difference between writing a narrative and informational text. They are also learning how to write in the third person and first person,” says Ms. Morgan McKinnon.

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