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Cougars in Liga Brasília: Spotlight on Sports Journey

The tournament gathers national and international schools from the Federal District

This semester, the Nations Cougars are taking part in the Liga Brasília, a championship that brings together national and international schools from the Federal District. Created to provide a formal competition platform for student-athletes, the Brasília League promotes friendly games and aims to encourage sportsmanship. The competition in the sub-15 and sub-18 categories demonstrates the determination and passion of the teams.

Starting in September, the championship covers both football and basketball. Our Cougars are representing Nations in various categories, including girls’ under-15 and under-18 soccer, boys’ under-15 and under-18 soccer, and boys’ under-15 and under-18 in basketball. The competition, concluding on December 9, has already seen many victories for the Cougars.

Among the participating schools are Escola Americana de Brasília, the British School of Brasília, Colégio COC Lago Norte, Escola SEB Dínatos, Everest, Brasília International School, Colégio Santa Rosa, and the Real Madrid football school. The competitive scenario of the Brasília League reflects the diversity and sports quality of the institutions involved.

In basketball, the Cougars have reached the semifinals in the sub-15 and sub-18 categories. In the coming weeks, the sub-15 team will face Colégio COC Lago Norte, while the sub-18 team will compete against Escola SEB Dínatos. In football, the male sub-15 team will also compete to secure a spot on the podium in a semifinal match against the British School of Brasília.

Heading Towards the two-time champion title

Recalling the success of the previous academic year, in the first semester of 2023, the Cougars secured the 1st place trophy in the finals of the male sub-15 and sub-18 categories in December 2022. This achievement highlights the consistency and talent of Escola das Nações' student-athletes.

As we approach the conclusion of this year's championship, it's time for all of us to come together in support of the Cougars. Cheering for the success of our teams is crucial, as each game represents the dedication, effort, and skill of our athletes. Stay tuned, as the final result of the Brasília League is about to be revealed, and the celebration of the Cougars' achievements will undoubtedly be on the agenda. May more victories come, and may the sportsmanship spirit continue to inspire our student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence in both sports and academic life.



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